Helen Frosi


The Grassling – Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

When Animals Speak – Eva Meijer

Listening to: 

“inside” and “outside” of my domestic setting.

Whatsapp sound recording group – friends send 1-min sound recordings from their day-to-day.


The Island of Hungry Ghosts – Gabrielle Brady (Dir.)

Samuel in the Clouds – Pieter Van Eecke (Dir.)

Thinking about:

Sound as touch (a comfort in these physically distanced times; voices envelop as a hug or arm stroke); interspecies communication, and the (dis)harmony of ecological soundscapes; reification (text made flesh; breath as metaphor for life); alternative time systems: experimenting away from chronological time whenever I possibly can.

Working on:

EnCOUnTErs – a multi-disciplinary project at the intersection between nonhuman encounter, art ecology and the sonic imagination. 

Auraldiversities – an ongoing series of lectures, workshops and in-situ training sessions seeking to encourage creative and critical attention towards aural diversity, especially within the arts and humanities.

Helen Frosi’s practice resides at the nexus between ecological thought, poetics and experimental pedagogy, with tentacles entwined within the creative, social and political aspects of sound, hearing and listening. Notions of communion, conviviality and alternative economies are keystones within her practice-based and embodied research.