RADAR is an Oxford Brookes research repository. We have a large collection of recordings and images available for free, ranging from documentation of the audiograft festival Max Eastley’s Archive (collated during his time as research fellow), Patrick Farmer’s Field Recording Archive, a collection of Sound Diaries recordings, and much more.

The audiograft section of RADAR focusses around documentation of our 2012 festival, we have a great deal more material to upload there, and will be doing so sporadically over the coming year. Some of the highlights of this section include: a live recording of Cartridge Music, by John Cage, performed by Stephen Cornford, Rob Curgenven, Ferran Fages, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Patrick Farmer, Daniel Jones and Lee Patterson. A version of this recording was released by the label Another Timbre. An intoxicatingly short clip of Cremaster performing in Modern Art Oxford. Tim Parkinson and James Saunders performing Songs 2011 at The Holywell. And so much more.

Max Eastley’s archive contains a diverse array of photo and audio documentation, from his Aeolian harps to video interviews and latex string installations.

Patrick Farmer’s Field Recording Archive is digest of over ten years of field recording. Some favourites include close micd recordings of honeybees, a Berkshire pig eating potatoes, the electrostatic of pumps underneath a swimming pool and aeolian recordings of trees.

The Sound Diaries archive predominantly consists of recordings of Paul Whitty’s Get Rid! football project, but you can also find the Sonic Advent Calendars project, with recordings–from taking the lift in Debenhams to a music box display in Fortnum and Mason– made every day throughout December.