This page is a work in progress, please check back as we’ll be updating it as often as we can trawl through our burgeoning archive of events, from independent concerts and exhibitions, to audiograft and more.

Anne F. Jacquesaudiograft performance

Ray LeeMurmur

Bengt af Klintberg Orange Event Number 24 (performed by Sarah Hughes, Patrick Farmer, Dominic Lash, Paul Whitty, Rhodri Davies and Bruno Guastalla)

Billy Roiszaudiograft performance

Michael PisaroJuly Mountain (performed by an ensemble of 18, arranged by Patrick Farmer)

Trio Aporiaaudiograft performance

Tim Parkinson Songs 2011 (performed by Parkinson-Saunders)

Max Eastleyaudiograft installation

Makiko Nishikazepiano in person 1 (performed by Tim Parkinson)

Paul Whitty with Shirley Pegna…bury your love like treasure…

Marianthi Papalexandriaudiograft performance

James SaundersNothing reveals itself without at the same time concealing something else (performed by rout)

Patrick Farmer & Stephen Cornfordlive at the Arnolfini

Stephen CornfordBinatone Galaxy

Michael PisaroRicefall ( performed by an ensemble of 16)

Joseph Clayton MillsThe Patient (a cut of a four-hour performance by Felicity Rose Barrow, Stephen Chase, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes, David Lacey, Samuel Rodgers, and David Stent)

George Brecht – events from Water Yam (performed by Stephen Cornford, Sarah Hughes, and Patrick Farmer)