Lucía Hinojosa


Peter Lamborn Wilson – Polyphony

Anne Carson – Glass, Irony and God

Cecilia Vicuña – New and Selected poems, edited by Rosa Alcalá

Listening to:

Pan African Space Station

The Rare Recordings of Pauline Oliveros, Jerome Rothenberg and More


Bill Morrison – Decasia: The State of Decay

Trinh T. Minh-ha – Forgetting Vietnam

The Brooklyn Rail’s New Social Environment Lunchtime Conversations

Working on:

(Residues. Found objects. Charcoal drawings. Concrete poetry, watercolors.) Working on the architecture for an artist book that can hold remnants of poems, compositions, drawings, photographs and instructions for performances, diagrams, possible installations.

Starting a new series of texts called The Telaraña Circuit; they’re little eclipses of thoughts on place, forgetting and memory.

Trying to edit a small film with footage from 2016 (if I write it here I will probably start someday with this as a witness.)

diSONARE – Hosting an online bilingual reading series called Ecos Virtuales (Virtual Echoes) Experimentation, sound and poetry. Launching a new website soon with a sound archive & additional content to the journal. 

Lucía Hinojosa is an artist from Mexico City working with language, sound, improvisation and poetry. She’s the editor of diSONARE, a bilingual journal of art & literature. 

Lucía Hinojosa