On Vibration

On Vibration was an online lecture series that ran from 2020 to 2024.

On Vibration will begin as it will end, with the slippery and emphatic approach of the amateur encounter (an epistemology of love, from Gustave Flaubert to Agnes Denes, wherein a practise of objective chance can increase the chances for chance to intervene, experimenting with how long we can extend before we reach), neither substance nor perspective as much as undulating connective tissue of liquid crystalline and hologrammatic waves, of stories as cosmic viscera, the simultaneous loosening and tightening of incipient relationality in an energetic perspective of coming to know and coming to love, wherein alchemical dreams leave lexical shadows

This year there will be seven online lectures, every Thursday from October 5th to November 16th, each lasting around one hour (7-8pm BST/GMT), all given by Patrick Farmer over Zoom

Whether people can attend or not, all lectures will be recorded and sent out to everyone the same day

More information will be made available about the individual lectures between now and October (mostly on our instagram), but their skeletal psyche looks like this:

A non-compulsory reading and listening list will be sent prior to the start of the series. It’s recommended all participants download the pdf of previous On Vibration lectures for ongoing points of reference

As with previous years, an email thread and other platforms will act in conjunction with the series, helping to create a means for people to get to know each other, ask questions, and share work outside of the lectures

As a brief overview (more detailed information on the lectures to follow soon), this new series will spend time with the ancient and resonant matrices of the Babylonian Enūma Elish, specifically the myth of Tiamat and Marduk as gobbit and ecotone, intimately disjunct in belated distinction amidst the sensitive chaos and infinite spirals of sweet and bitter water

We’ll think on the micro and macrocosmic vibratory energies in between physiognomies of concentric landscapes as place, emotion, and alchemical vocabulary, entwining different and yet self-similar terms for separation as transformation under the various vicissitudes of histories of auditory theory (what we might otherwise think of as the subjective phenomena of hearing, fractal polarities of opposition and change among floating biomagnetic labyrinths), composite patterns of fieldless fields in which curiosity is a form of care

This will often manifest as an attempt to experience (in imagination) separability, one of the three ontological pillars that sustain modern thought (according to Denise Ferreira da Silva) as cosmological plurality. Enfolding a consideration of human existence as both physical (geographic, bodily) and overwhelmed universal contiguity through studies of the bioelectric body as living matrix

We’ll attempt to listen with holistic ears (enfolding the animate, pathological, even the divine) to the ubiquity of disenchantment (pulling apart) in order to come to know some of the correspondences pitching in between visible and invisible bodies as internal and external cymatic alchemy, considering what it can mean to love a place (…what is a place…) and yet still be dangerous to it

Following and making paths if only to drift from them (or is it the other way round?), we’ll spirally walk past ways in which the human ear (as creature of vertigo) can sift and distend frequencies whilst turning to more holistic principles of co-terminus vibrations enfolding the human body as both permeable barrier and field of universal energy

We’ll consider anima mundi (soul of the world) as dragon, as the loci of water’s mysteries, or as Isabelle Stengers puts it, the indifference of Gaia. We’ll think with all such interdependent figures as critters, as admixtures (often referred to as monsters), as marvellous mixtures, bestiaries even, before arriving at the archetype of the chimera, the ear as spiral nebulae, thalmic indigo, the keeper of the brain sand archives, full of animals and little gods

As with previous years, participants will have the option of submitting work for a new volume of A Row of Trees, the sonic art research unit’s journal

Please contact patrickwilliamfarmer @ gmail.com for more information

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