Patrick Farmer


Lisa Robertson – The Weather

Mei Mei Berssenbrugge – A Treatise on Stars

Penelope Fitzgerald – The Blue Flower

Listening to:

Terence Mckenna – The Voynich Manuscript 

Sarah Davachi – Five Cadences 


Chris Marker – The Owl’s Legacy

Robert Ashley – Music With Roots in the Aether 

Working on:

A book, called To Suckle a Field of Monsters, that is slowly picking scraps from the teeth of a residency I was lucky enough to have at Capel Y Graig, and from three Chase talks I wrote earlier this year. 

Patrick lives in the Midlands, he is currently working on an AHRC funded project with Dr. Marie Thompson, titled Tinnitus, Auditory Knowledge and the Arts, and enjoys echolocating in quarries.