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Working on:

It has been shown that since the onset of the global pandemic the whole world is quieter (Dr Stephen Hicks). Just finished is an article called Good Vibrations: Living with the Motions of our Unsettled Planet collectively written by a group of experts at Bristol University and funded by Bristol University’s Brigstow Institute, where I’ve been the invited artist.

Art works springing from this project – are paused. There is global element to them and working with seismic sources from great distances, and recordings from The Arctic Circle [Artist & Scientist Residency Program, 2018]  they include:

– A durational dance/art piece All Terrain Training,

– An immersive large-scale sound work with multiple subs cello and double bass Earth Din

– An installation with earth activity sound/data played on a record (LP) made from rock – Rock Record.

These are on the proverbial shelf for now – however….

With the onset of lock down and like others there’s a refocusing on the ‘really close up’…

Within my house a chance prompt via the Musicians Union allowed me a return to the Feldenkrais Technique, where I have become interested in the physical connections of bone sinus tissue with wood and string in relation to my own cello playing.

Confinement has brought the near at hand under the microscope. A focusing in on ‘skin’ instigating conversations with collaborator and animator Vicky Smith and sound artist Matt Davies, recording under the skin

Contacting the ‘world’ via a screen has warped the view again and another project I’m part of is developing ideas around self-isolation in an attic where a duo dance improviser and filmmaker Brenda Waite and Anna Cady.

Shirley Pegna is a sound artist and musician from Bristol, who’s work in concerned with field recordings, improvised sound making and composition. She is interested in sound as a material where elemental signals can signify in the perception of our habitat. Collaborations feature in her work including lately – scientists at Bristol University Geological Department and specialists at the University Of the West of England Fine Art Printing Department, dancer/artists including Brenda Waite, Kyra Norman and Will Pegna. Artists and musicians – Copper Sounds, Veridian, Louie Pegna and Dominic Lash. She is a member of BEEF of the infamous Brunswick Club in Bristol.

Shirley Pegna

Insta: shirley.pegna