Chloe Proctor


Liz Gillis- Women of the Irish Revolution

Alex S. Vitale – The End of Policing

Listening to:

Eliane Radigue Eliane Radigue Eliane Radigue 

Female fronted soul as always (particularly Wendy Renee and Nina Simone)


The last thing I watched that cured my heart was the Palm Wine Collective live stream of Tanicia Pratt’s poetry – so beautiful.

Rupaul’s drag race to remind me that irreverence still exists. 

Working on:

I’m currently working on a long form study of communal pronouns through the lens of fungal ecosystems.

The first iteration can be found at

And my poems can be found at

I’m also working on a collaborative eco anthology of disruptive poetry and art and we’re open for submissions at @ctcpoetry (twitter and IG)