Rebekah Alero


Harryette Mullen – Notes From A Tanka Diary: Urban Tumbleweed

Fred Moten – Black and Blur

Listening to:

Miles Davis – Live-Evil

Solaris- Findings and Soundings


The Last Czars

Meredith Monk – Book of Days

Working on:

Currently in the midst of completing my degree so i am working on my dissertation, on the  composer Julius Eastman and his narrative within classical music as a black queer man.

In Between this I’m managing to focus on a lockdown inspired project which will be out soon, it’s a collection of peoples spaces, in sound (30 seconds)  and 1 image, untouched and recorded as is.

I am also working on a voice and instrumental piece ‘’Dandelion’’ which is inspired by the life and work of (again) Julius Eastman but also acknowledging other black classical composers before and after him, alongside the experiences they may have had within these spaces. It’s also an ode to the work they have made.

As well as bringing in my own experience as a black person navigating institutions and expressing this using the voice, instruments, and some of Julius Eastman’s recorded interviews.

Rebekah Alero is a sound artist/composer based in london.