Clara de Asís


Clarice Lispector – The apple in the dark

Simone Weil – On the abolition of all political parties

Listening to:

Very Quiet Records


Lucrecia Martel – Zama

Tsai Ming-Liang – The River


Going on long bike rides. Thinking about what it means to be true to your life. Listening to the birds. Going in the sun when there’s sun. Developing my devotion for cashews. Writing a little bit. Making films. Working on music projects: a duo album with Mara Winter to be released this year on Another Timbre; a composition for Violeta Motta and Cristián Alvear; a remote duo recording with David Lacey of ‘Yace alguien’. A new label, Discreet Editions, that Mara and I are creating, connecting early music to contemporary experimental music. I’ve also been playing guitar, finding a variety of sounding objects, and doing little. Feeling: light, fearless, grateful.

Clara de Asís is a Spanish composer and performer based in France. She develops an approach to sound that highlights simplicity, non-intervention and active listening as means of music making. Her works display an extreme precision and intuitive openness that involves a dedicated attention to sound on its details and its most pure forms.

As well as guitar as her main instrument, she uses different combinations of objects, materials and sound sources, incorporating electroacoustics and minimal approaches.

Her music has been released by, among others, PiedNu, INSUB, Marginal Frequency, Another Timbre, Elsewhere, and Pilgrim Talk. Some of her collaborations include Bruno Duplant, d’Incise, Rebecca Lane, Lauri Hyvärinen, Farida Amadou, Patrick Farmer, Greg Stuart, Erik Carlson, Mara Winter.

Clara de Asís