Tomoko Sauvage


Roger Caillois – Obliques

Takei & Keane – Sakuteiki (Visions of the Japanese Garden)

Listening to

Bill Evans Trio – Portrait in Jazz

Knud Viktor – Les éphépères

Minnie Riperton – Adventures in Paradise


Super blue sky from my window (sometimes)

Working on:

Taking care of my kids, getting inspired by their creativity, home schooling that is not an easy part, just finished a solo album (recorded last year in a big water reservoir in Berlin) that took pretty much all my attention while I was by myself since the lockdown, now feeling excited to start to try out new ideas but first a long list of boring stuffs to do.

Born and raised in Yokohama, Japan, Sauvage moved to Paris in 2003 after studying jazz piano in New York. Through listening to Alice Coltrane and Terry Riley, she became interested in Indian music and studied improvisation of Hindustani music. In 2006, she attended a concert of Aanayampatti Ganesan, a virtuoso of Jalatharangam – the traditional Carnatic music instrument with water-filled porcelain bowls. Fascinated by the simplicity of its device and sonority, Sauvage immediately started to hit China bowls with chopsticks in her kitchen. Soon her desire of immersing herself in the water engendered the idea of using an underwater microphone and led to the birth of the electro-aquatic instrument.

Tomoko Sauvage