Sena Karahan


Manuel Delanda – Assemblage Theory

Douglas Adams – The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Listening to:

NTS Radio

Radio Garden


Francis Ford Coppola – The Conversation


Online PhD classes, meetings (low connection quality), creation of rhythms and demolition of the rhythms, spring-hot-cold-rain-sun.

Working on:

Time-space soundscape collage with the recordings that were taken in a limited daily geography, improvement of the PhD research proposal and its methodology, and sound map project.

Sena Karahan is an architect and PhD student at MSFAU, Urbanism program. She wrote her thesis; Social Reproduction of Space and Soundscapes at Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Studies Master Program. 

Before engaging with academia she worked as an architect at the architecture studio, Selin Maner Architects, and later with her personal interest on the sustainable design, she travelled in South America for fourteen months from Argentina to Colombia.

Her interest in the relation of sound and space was the key figure of design thinking, and that also affected her journey and understanding of cultural space. Along with that, she put her effort on her academic and professional (architectural and acoustic consultancy) works on this base. Sena continues her researches and productions generally on urban soundscape context.