Lance Austin Olsen


The complete Cold Mountain: Poems of the legendary Hanshan. Translation by Kazuaki Tanahashi and Peter Levitt.

Kristina Ollson – Shell

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Derek Bailey – Ballads, always something new to find. Never get tired of this one.

Diamanda Galas – My World Is Empty Without You, as we have lost so many of our great artists.


All of Akira Kurasawa’s movies.

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A new duo releases with Jamie Drouin:

The Hieronymus Bosch painting known as The Conjurer (c.1475–1505) has held a constant position in our consciousness for several weeks – being emblematic of the dangerous political world we find ourselves in. It represents the ease, and apparent willingness, of people to repeatedly fall for the simple distraction techniques of the travelling charlatan, including the oldest slight-of-hand illusion of them all: Le Tourniquet, or The French Drop.

Examining the fracturing of memory and the creation of multiple realities, or spaces, as details obscure and the remnants eventually form their own parallel narratives.

Lance Austin Olsen is a Canadian painter and sound improviser. His work focuses on the dialogue between his abstract paintings, and his parallel work in composing tone poems, utilizing amplified objects, found audio tape, and tabletop guitar. The physicality of his large-scale paintings, often incorporating collaged and repurposed pieces of earlier work, is echoed in his sound compositions, where objects within the painting studio are appropriated as sound-making gestural devices.

Lance Austin Olsen