Keiko Yamamoto


I read lots of books to my children but I get great pleasure from some of them. I really enjoyed Friend or Foe, Pipi and the Sri Lankan auther’s Hoity the fox which we read in Japanese. Some other books are a bit weird like God’s people which is my son’s school main lesson material for this term that raises lots of questions…and Pokemon….but anyway these are a handful of examples including other random things like recipe books, poems and political essays. 

Astrid Lindgren – Pippi Longstocking

Geraldine McCaughrean – God’s People

Michael Morpurgo – Friend or Foe

Gill Meller – Gather

Alice Oswald  – Falling Awake

Listening to:

Sebastiao Tapajos & Pedro Dos Santos

Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare – La Gatta Cenerentola

Wojciech Rusin – The Funnel

Pierre Bastian & Tomaga – Bandiera Di Carta

Lucy Johnson – Soundtracks 2013 – 2019


Carine Adler – Under the Skin

Ingmar Bergman – Faithless

Ceylan – The Wild Pear Tree

Normal People

Working on:

The oto fundraising/auction, launching a new label, listening to lots of music, juggling the kids care, homeschooling the kids , playing the piano, playing with the kids, working for oto, making a new album for O YAMA O with Rie and David Cunninghmam, doing a bit of radio and interviews, recording my own materials, attending the hens, baking, foraging, cooking endlessly putting some weight fighting against insomnia and drinking. 

(b.1979 Noda, Japon)

Keiko works with people, spaces, songs, texts, images and a bit of dance.

Currently she has a music project called O YAMA O with Rie Nakajima and they have released their first album from Mana Records produced by David Cunningham and the record has beautiful writing by David Toop. The band has played many venues and festivals often accompanied by Billy Steiger and Marie Roux.

In 2008 Keiko co-founded Cafe OTO, London and she now lives in the countryside and recently co-founded Aller Park Studios in Dartington and currently still co-runs Cafe OTO remotely. 

When she was younger she graduated from Chelsea College of Art BA (Hons) and studied MFA at Slade School, UCL. She attended a wildlife foraging course and organised many good food and music parties. 

O Yama O

Aller Park Studios

Cafe Oto