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I’ve been thinking about birds a lot, and especially miss the chatter of Kittewakes from the cliffs of my hometown in the North East. I started to record the birds directly around me, which led to live streaming for Soundcamp’s Reveil project on international dawn chorus day with my good pal Oliver. We streamed the chorus from Pony Wood, located within the Fairfield Nature Reserve in Lancaster. The recording of our Live stream can be heard here.

We are hoping to continue to record the dawn chorus throughout the weeks in various locations around Lancaster to capture the beautiful communications of birds locally in the silence of the morning. 

Kathryn Tovey grew up in the North East of England, now living and working in Lancaster where she graduated from Lancaster University in BA Fine Art. She has also studied and exhibited in Bendigo, Australia and is currently working on interactive performances with arts organisation GRAFT. Her work brings together site specific performance, video documentation and installation in layered works that invite the audience to reflect on human relationships with the natural world. She is often found working outdoors with her cocreator Caleela.

Kathryn Tovey