Fiona AR Patten


Tansy Spinks – Associating Places – Strategies for Live, Site Specific, Sound Art Performance

Matt Sussman – Hearing with your body: Infrasound

John Dewey – Art as Experience. (I come back to this constantly, always for insight and clarity, top recommend!)

Listening to:

Elaine Hoey – on metaverses

Alexandra Spence – Immaterial Excerpt


Atoosa Pour Hosseini – Dimensions

Richard Mosse – The Impossible Image

Working on:

I just finished my thesis, after 2 years of research about the influence of the audible on spatial experience, including methods and approaches.  Now, that’s submitted yet I feel like this just the beginning!  I turn towards my arrangements and compositions with the information from my research as support.  As a Sonic Scenographer, I am always thinking and listening through the space! 

With a side module of ‘Sonic Archival Practice’ in my MA, I understand the value and power of the audible archive.  Further, with support of documented workshops of Pauline Oliveros, I remember how listening is visceral – which is interesting to then forego intellectual or cerebral reason, to learn to feel through the ears and act of listening, without selectivity or discrimination. 

Fiona AR Patten is a sonic scenographer based in the Netherlands. She enjoys to consider the audible as a medium of activism, to create spatial listening arrangements as to evoke a sense of curiosity and empowerment in the listener.