Ben Gwilliam


John Boyd – The Pollinators of Eden

James Benning’s Environments: Politics, Ecology, Duration’, Edited by Nikolaj Lübecker and Daniele Rugo

Madelaine Francis Heleine – Freshwater Aquariums for Dummies

Listening to:

My back yard in this time of increased bird and bat activity between 8-10pm most evenings after the kids are worn out.

Stock, Hausen & Walkman – Buffed Up

Lee Patterson – Egg Fry #2

Joe Colley – HIVE


Kelly Reichhardt – Night Moves

Jason Bateman – Ozark (series 1-3) 

Celine Sciamma – Water Lilies

Working on:

To be honest I haven’t been working on anything during this Lock-down due to two children that are out of school and nursery and my Partner is working from home. I had initial thoughts about what I could achieve over the the next couple months and have managed to not really do any. I am not a major procrastinator, but by the time the children are in bed, I’m equally worn out managing to get a film in or two.

For many years I wanted to dip my foot in the modular synth game to try understand it a bit better, but not had the money to start a set-up that could at least give me some results under £200. I am not interested in going down this route as a practice, However electronic synthesis does have a great influence in my Installations and Performances (within physical processes and image making).

 I came across miniMO just before the New Year that is a little square module that can be pre-programmed by an Arduino or done so by miniMO. It is in effect a digital system that can be plugged in many ways between countless other modules, standalone or in its own rack system. I’ve started making my own 6 piece rack set that I will try connecting to mildly electric objects such as coils, dying batteries etc… I like how it is extremely affordable in comparison to a Moog on Steroids.And of course, I’m writing up my thesis, its more of a game of Tortoise and the Hare right now.

Ben Gwilliam an artist whose work spans sound, film, installation & performance. His work explores how the mechanics of sound media reflect & distort human perception, often manipulating the space(s) & moment of experience. His fascination drives a curiosity that forms as durational performances and installations, film & video works and writing. He has exhibited & performed Internationally in spaces such as La casa Encendida Madrid, The Cornerhouse Manchester, Artists Unlimited Bielefeld, Modern Art Oxford, & FACT Liverpool. His performance and composed works have been commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices Festival (UK 2010), Rumilingen new music (CH 2010), University of Salford (UK 2008) & IOU Theatre (UK 2003).

Ben Gwilliam