The Politics of Ambience

This event, curated by Sam Kidel and facilitated by the Sonic Arts Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University, sets out to explore the political intentions and implications of projects that focus on ambience. There has been a recent resurgence of interest in ambience in music and sound art, that correlates with a broad spike in interest around other ambient media, with some writers going so far as to posit that the move towards ambience has become a “cultural logic”.

Taking this moment of excitement as an opportunity for reflection, we have invited writers, musicians, field-recordists, musicologists, film-makers, educators, researchers, artists and community organisers to contribute presentations, talks, and workshops, to exhibit art works and to facilitate discussions, in order to reflect on the political implications of past and present work on ambience, and to nurture seeds for future work.

Contributors include:

David Toop / Nina Power / Terre Thaemlitz / Ultra-Red (Janna Graham & Chris Jones) / Seth Kim-Cohen / Adam Harper / Lola San Martin Arbide / Chino Amobi / Mikel R. Nieto / David Prescott-Steed / Kevin Logan / Kris Reeder / Harriet Butler


Kris Reeder’s Interventions: 



Terre Thaemlitz’s Video stills:

pink nun praying pink tree


Adam Harper’s Lecture slides: 




Ultra Red’s Worksheets: