Sound I’m Particular 6, Holly Pester – The Productive Sonics of Daydreaming


1st March 2016. Holly Pester

S.A.R.U. presents, Sound I’m Particular. A series of free talks with an emphasis on sound and listening; from the Surrealists and Morton Feldman to sculpture and field recording. All are welcome and no previous knowledge of the subject is necessary.

This paper will explore the strange auditory hallucinations we hear when in slumbering states between wakefulness and sleep. To what extent are these sounds experienced as our making and our attributes? Hypnagogia is therefore proposed as a space of radical research, where voices are heard as outside us, whilst producing a method through which we can re-understand our language and the sound of it.

Old Fire Station, Loft Space, Oxford – OX1 2AQ. 19:30 – 21:00. FREE.