Café Diffusion


15 June - Café Diffusion tickets now available.

Our inaugural Café Diffusion will take place on 15 June at Oxford Brookes University’s Union Hall.  It will be a relaxed evening of electroacoustic music and sonic art from the Sonic Art Research Unit.

The audience, sitting around bistro-style tables, can choose to listen to the sound diffusion, listen closely using headphones (headphone amps available on each table) or choose to chat amongst themselves.  Don’t forget to bring your favourite headphones!

Doors open at 6pm with sounds from the 60×60 project with 60 pieces of music, each lasting no more than 60 seconds. We’ll confirm the rest of the programme soon, but expect works by David Carugo, Paul Dibley, Rajmil Fischman, Diego Garro, Brett Gordon, Jonty Harrison, Tim Howle, Andrew Lewis, Alistair MacDonald, Antti Saario, Nikki Sheth, Robert Scott Thompson, and lots more…