audiograft artist talk with Simon Blackmore



Here is yet another reason to come down to Ovada before the audiograft festival finishes. On Saturday March 17th, before a performance by Felicity Rose Barrow and Samuel Rodgers, Simon Blackmore, a PhD student at Oxford Brookes, will be talking about his work, How We Communicate, giving everyone a chance to interact with both his ideas and the work itself. Simon’s talk will start roughly at 3pm, and the performance will start at 4pm. 

How we communicate is an experimental body of work that responds to the increased use of text based communication devices in our daily lives. The work uses software to interpret human voice or clapping into text. It mimics how computers rhythmically transmit information through pulses of 1s and 0s, however at a speed thousands of times slower. At Audiograft the work is presented as an an installation that features sound, video, objects and plotted drawings. The work aims to make complex processes of transmitting data audible. Information that is usually transferred at high speed through wires or electromagnetic waves is slowed down and translated to the sonic spectrum. Simon invites audiences to engage with how machines communicate, the materiality of data, and to explore the musical and performative potential of reenacting these processes and the mechanical limits of the human performance.