Paul Whitty – Get Some Chalk On Your Boots!

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Get Some Chalk On Your Boots! The sounding cultures of football. 

 Get Some Chalk on Your Boots!, edited by Paul Whitty and designed by Patrick Farmer, is a collection of writing exploring the everyday sounds of football culture. It includes contributions from writer and artist Juliet Jacques, composer Laurence Crane, poet and academic Steven Matthews, composer and writer Lauren Redhead, phonographer Patrick Tubin McGinley; artists Davide Tidoni and Duncan Whitley; photographer Darren Luke; writer Ruth Potts; and sound artist Paul Whitty.

You can purchase Get Some Chalk On Your Boots! (Book) for £7.50 including postage HERE

Get Some Chalk On Your Boots! is one of a number of publications released during the Sound Diaries/SARU exhibition, Get Some Chalk On Your Boots! 

Get Some Chalk On Your Boots! is a project developed by Paul Whitty in the School of Arts at Oxford Brookes University. As well as the many publications, the project, the purpose of which is to investigate the everyday sounding cultures of football, also includes a symposium, with speakers such as Lauren Redhead and Patrick Tubin Mcginley, and an exhibition, with works from Paul Whitty, Davide Tidoni, Bethan Elford, and many more. The exhibition is on Monday to Friday, 10-5pm, at the Glass Tank Gallery in Oxford Brookes, until July 13th 2018. 


Get Some Chalk On Your Boots!  

Background photo by Darren Luke