Patrick Farmer – Azimuth, The Ecology Of An Ear

Released May 27th 2019
Limited numbered edition
A5 paperback (291 pages + a4 foldout image)
ISBN: 978-1-9996176-3-9
Published by the Sonic Art Research Unit


“I don’t see this as a matter of archaeological passion, nor romantic sentiment, but a desire to live within the body like an environment, to move in and out of it–oneself or another–not to break into it.” 

Patrick Farmer

‘Azimuth, the Ecology of an Ear’, is a new book by Patrick Farmer in collaboration with twenty three other artists. It revolves around fifteen attempts to locate and rend the human/non-human ear into holes, isolating and being with its forms and natures outside of their conventional relations–inhabiting a distinct violence of separation–in order to see what, if any, degree of wholeness may arise in the distinct noise of the particulars.

It asks, what is the ear; where is the ear; who is the ear; what are we to our ears; are we listeners or listening; does the ear hear? It considers the ear as interlocutor, as equivalence, as syncope, as eros (hear us).

Azimuth’ features work by Thomas Martin Nutt, Susana Gómez Larrañga , Lotti V Closs, Richard Skelton, Carrie Olivia Adams, Patrick Farmer, Helen Frosi, April Van Winden, Florence Sunnen, Lance Austin Olsen, Tomoé Hill, Chloë Proctor, Nisha Ramayya, J.R. Carpenter, Julia Bloch, Michael Pisaro, Clara de Asís, Fay Zmija Nicolson, Tess Denman-Cleaver, Joseph Clayton Mills, Amelia Ishmael, Emily Leon, Hannah Dargavel-Leafe and Mirella Salame.