Murmur – Ray Lee

For the duration of Audiograft, Ray Lee‘s new work – Murmur – (first previewed at the Liverpool Biennale) – was installed in The Drama Studio at Oxford Brookes University.

Like Lee’s previous work – SirenMurmur is an installation created from metal tripods with speakers mounted on the ends of arms which spin, creating mesmeric circles of light and sound. However, unlike Siren, the sequence of events in Murmur is entirely automated. When you enter the installation space, a light sensor registers your presence, and a carefully choreographed series of electronic happenings is triggered.

Murmur uses a rich palette of sounds, and because the tripod arms spin, the effect is of many different tones and sounds moving at different heights in the room.

This recording has been made using binaural microphones (Roland CS-10EM in case you’re interested) so that the sense of sounds being spatialised may be reconstructed in the listening experience. The best way to listen to this recording is through headphones. And if you want to hear more of the exciting new sounds that Ray Lee has been working on, you might want to check out the Ethometric Archive which will be displayed at certain times during April 11th in The Museum of the History of Science as part of OCM‘s new events programme.

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