Thomas Martin Nutt


John Berger & John Christie – I Send You This Cadmium Red

Mei Mei Berssenbrugge – I Love Artists

Guy Davenport – The Geography of the Imagination

Listening to:

Toshiya Tsunoda – Extract from Field Recording Archive


Stan Brakhage – By Brakhage: An Anthology

Working on:

I have been working on a durational postal project that documents listening experiences throughout one calendar year. The requirement being that you compose economical text or images in response to sound, and then compose sound from the resultant correspondence. It’s about sharing. It’s about being aware and feeling glad to be here. It’s an enjoyable bureaucracy that situates yourself in flux.

Martin (b. 1981, UK) is an artist with a particular interest in sound and language and their relationship to listening and meaning. His practice centres around experimental composition and improvisation but is demarcated by a more nebulous border, and is defined by the search for it.  

Thomas Martin Nutt