Writing Sound, Oxford Brookes University, November 18th

Read any good sounds recently?

…the surface of the night appeared once more as an undisturbed skin. Except for a small liquid sound, quickly suppressed. So small was it that I continued to sit, glasses in hand, straining my ears…

…And I heard the sound again quite distinctly. A splash, some movement, then… nothing.

…again, that sound, soft and rhythmic, like oars, moving through water.

from The Swimmer by Roma Tearne

On 18th November, 1 – 4pm, there will be a symposium at Oxford Brookes University, exploring texts which describe sounds. Follow @paul_whitty on Twitter for snippets of what will be read/heard at the event.

When: 1-4pm on November 18th
Where: Richard Hamilton Building at Oxford Brookes University; directions here
Who: Dr. Catherine Laws (University of York), field recordist Ian Rawes (London Sound Survey), Dr. Paul Whitty (Oxford Brookes University) sound artist Patrick Farmer (Compost and Height); and sound artist Dr. Felicity Ford
What: On November 18th 2011 the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University will host Writing Sound a symposium that will examine the relationship between sound and writing exploring written soundscapes and the way in which written sound informs the experience of the reader. Contributors include pianist and musicologist Dr. Catherine Laws (University of York) who will discuss sound in the work of Samuel Beckett and will perform head down among the stems and bells by composer Martin Iddon a work that takes a moment from Beckett’s novella Mercier and Camier as a starting point; field recordist Ian Rawes (London Sound Survey) who will introduce the London soundscape through the novels of Charles Dickens; composer Dr. Paul Whitty (Oxford Brookes University) who will discuss the experience of focussing on the presence of sound in a reading of Roma Tearne‘s The Swimmer; sound artist Patrick Farmer (Compost and Height) who will discuss the written soundworlds of William Carlos Williams; and sound artist Dr. Felicity Ford who will introduce her text work Sound Bank.

All are welcome.

SOUND BANK © Dr. Felicity Ford

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