Week 3. What we Hear is a Lie



Field / Recording / Otherness


We’ve been asked by a number of people to make available a list of some of the content utilised during the 2017 module, ‘Field / Recording / Otherness’, which took place at Oxford Brookes University as part of the ‘Approaches to Experimental Composition and Sonic Art’ MA. The lists to come are by no means exhaustive.


Week 3. What we Hear is a Lie. 

Agnes Varda – The Gleaners
Eric La Casa and Taku Unami – Parazoan Mapping
Jan Masschelein – An Invitation to go Walking
Jane Samuels – Shared Walking
Lauren Elkin – Flâneuse, Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London
Manfred Werder and Taku Unami – Detour
Rebecca Solnit – Wanderlust, A History of Walking
Tim Ingold – Ways of Walking
Walter Benjamin – Berlin Childhood Around 1900


Hamish fulton - A Walked Line Can Never Be Erased

Images: Agnes Varda & Hamish Fulton