Week 2. Of Weeds

Bateson Mandala

Field / Recording / Otherness


We’ve been asked by a number of people to make available a list of some of the content utilised during the 2017 module, ‘Field / Recording / Otherness’, which took place at Oxford Brookes University as part of the ‘Approaches to Experimental Composition and Sonic Art’ MA. The lists to come are by no means exhaustive.


Week 2. Of Weeds. 


Crawl Unit – Clay Sound

Donna Haraway – Staying with the Trouble

Felix Guattari – Three Ecologies

Ferdinand de Saussure – Course in General Linguistics

Greg Kelley and Olivia Block – Resolution

Gregory Bateson – Steps to an Ecology of Mind

Jin Sangtae – Extensity of Hard Disk Drive

Joe Colley – Desperate Attempts at Beauty

Virginia Woolf – Street Haunting


colley attempts

Images: A mandala from Gregory Bateson’s Steps to an Ecology of Mind & Joe Colley