Walk 2012 Sound Diary

Between 28th July and 8th August, Felicity Ford and Mark Stanley walked 187 miles between Portland and Stratford. The purpose of the walk was to establish a long-distance pathway connecting the Olympic Sailing Centre with the Olympic Stadium in London, and to participate in the spirit of athleticism and physical challenge fostered by the presence of the Olympic Games in the UK during this time. Walking between 10 – 18 miles per day, Felicity and Mark camped on most of the nights, carrying all their equipment with them, and enjoying the intermittent company of fellow walkers participating in the project.

As part of the documentation for this walk, Felicity Ford has produced a Sound Diary which features 24 short audio excerpts gathered on foot between Portland and London. These will be released sequentially on the Sound Diaries website at http://www.sound-diaries.com/ throughout the London Paralympic Games, from the 29th August through to the 9th September.

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