The Swimmer: A True Story, screening at Blackwells, November 18th

When: Friday 18th, 7pm
Where: Blackwell Bookshop, 48-51 Broad Street, Oxford
Who: Dr. Paul Whitty and Roma Tearne
What: On November 18th Roma Tearne and Paul Whitty will present their film The Swimmer – A True Story in the Norrington Room at Blackwells in Oxford.

The Swimmer: A True Story is a short film based on an idea from the novel of the same name by Roma Tearne. Like the book, the film uses the same location in Suffolk and employs sounds derived from the text but created specifically for the film by sound artist and composer Paul Whitty. Both Roma Tearne and Paul Whitty wished to replicate the sense of place generated by the text, which, like a chamber drama, is comprised of three voices. But in the film, colour and sound are as important as the speaking voice. Consequently non-professional actors were chosen for their spontaneity and authenticity. The film was shown alongside an installation work at the 54th Venice Biennale. The project is characterised by the way in which novelist, artist and composer negotiated their respective media to create something that was independent of, yet remained true to, the spirit of the book.

Tickets cost £3 and can be obtained by telephoning 01865 333623 or visiting the Customer Service Department, Second Floor, Blackwell’s Bookshop, Oxford. Alternatively you can email:

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