The SARU Listening Group, session 1

As announced on the Events page of this site, The Listening Group (TLG) meetings for Spring 2011 will commence Monday 7th February, with a session led by Felicity Ford.

The meeting will be held in RHB115 at Oxford Brookes University, and will run from 5-7pm. We will read and consider Listening to Britain – a brilliantly thoughtful essay on the UK SoundMap by fellow audio contributor Alasdair Pettinger.

There will also be some participatory exercises, using scores, notes, and whatever sounds we can find between 5 – 7pm around the RHB in Oxford Brookes. Bring your ears and a pencil.

What will we be listening to?

Pauline Oliveros
Hildegard Westerkamp
Eric Cordier
Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescaleet
Your Favourite London Sounds
A selection of sounds from the UK SoundMap

In this session we will also be looking through a number of key texts on the intersections between imagination and listening, including some pages from

Pauline Oliveros’s Deep Listening
the Auditory Culture Reader
The Soundscape
and Autumn Leaves – the publication of which is accompanied by a series of audio files (downloadable here)


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