SOUNDS LIKE LISTENING: Oxford Brookes Sound Arts / Music MA Final Show

Sounds Like Listening’ is the end of year show–featuring new work by Sound Art and Music MA students–as part of the School of the Arts at Oxford Brookes University. Ranging from cinematic pieces to conceptual performance, these works explore ways in which humans interact with sound, relating in particular to identity, thought, and emotivity.

Set within the expansive space of Cowley Road’s Richard Benson Hall, ‘Sounds Like Listening’ asks us to question how sound influences personality, and how personality influences sound.

18.30 – 20.30
Thursday 26th September
Richard Benson Hall, Cowley Road Oxford
Free entry and refreshments




Ashleigh Smith – Deem In, Hear Out

‘The exploration of sound and affect is inherently complicated. ‘Deem in, Hear out’ attempts to explore this relationship solely through sound. Gathered primarily from interviews, the sounds played back into the space attempt to generate deep and interpersonal experiences for the listener. ‘


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James Traylen – An Ear is a Shell

James Traylen’s work explores relationships between sound and identity. Through a series of films, created using projections, lasers, sonic manipulations of matter and abstract painting, James’ work aims to illustrate sound as a universal mover, interpreted in unique ways by all ears. These subjective interpretations of objective data are the foundations of identity.


Dan Linn-Pearl The Gap


Dan Linn-Pearl – The Gap

If a tree falls across a river, and there is no-thing around to cross, does it still bridge a gap?. The Gap explores the expedition of sounds as they are witnessed in transit. It is a performance which mediates the communication of real-time sonic content as it resonates through adjacent material. Attention is focused on the dividing line between the worlds of nature and human interference. The Gap attempts to reconcile the connectedness these realms shared in bridging the gap through intent and causality.