Sound I’m Particular 5, Alice Butler, Barf Talk


2nd February 2016. Alice Butler – Barf Talk 

S.A.R.U. presents, Sound I’m Particular. A series of free talks with an emphasis on sound and listening; from the Surrealists and Morton Feldman to sculpture and field recording. All are welcome and no previous knowledge of the subject is necessary.

In this live talk (about texts that began as live talks), Alice Butler will be speaking about what it means to ‘barf’ in writing, and how this peculiar impulse to ‘purge’ corresponds with particular instances of feminist performance art. To barf is to release, let go, and revolt. It is to write (but also speak and perform) the unmediated body in sounds and splutters: corporeal noise. 

Old Fire Station, Loft Space, Oxford – OX1 2AQ. 19:30 – 21:00. FREE.

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