Sound I’m Particular 2. Daniela Cascella, Imaginative and Sensory Murmurs. November 3rd.

Sound I'm Particular, November 3rd


Mediums and Poets: Imaginative and Sensory murmurs, after Breton, Leiris, Saint Vittoria, Lispector, Hillman, Nijinski and more less familiar voices, heard, misheard, transmitted.

Mediums and Poets is a temporary arrangement of words and sounds constructed by echoes, assonance, contrast, pun and rhyme, where listening becomes a way of framing and presenting words in the present, and of making them present.

‘I have always protested against the allegedly “visionary” power of poets … They were not describing, but were holed up in the gloomy darkness of the backstage of being, listening to the indistinct outline of accomplished, or accomplishable works, without understanding them any better as they wrote, than we do when we read them for the first time.’

‘For the simple fact of having seen her wooden cross change into a jewel-studded crucifix, and having held this vision to be at once imaginative and sensory, Theresa de Avila can be seen to command this line on which both mediums and poets sit. Unfortunately, for the time being, she is merely a saint’.

André Breton, The Automatic Message (1933)


Daniela Cascella is a London-based Italian writer working on sound and literature, across fiction and criticism. She has published two critically acclaimed books in English, F.M.R.L. and En Abîme. She is Assistant Professor in Writing, MA Fine Art, Academy of Art and Design, Bergen and Associate Lecturer in Sound Arts, LCC, London. She initiated and curates the LYD Writing Research Residencies at Lydgalleriet Bergen and co-curates this year’s Projekt Art Writing festival in Aarhus. Her texts have appeared in art, music and literary publications such as The Los Angeles Review of Books, Gorse Journal, The Wire, Frieze, Music&Literature, The Journal of Sonic Studies.

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