SARU practitioner Shirley Pegna at SoundFjord

Soundfjord Gallery in London are hosting sound-artists Shirley Pegna and Wajid Yaseen for a two-day Work in Progress session exploring the resonant frequencies of objects in space. Audiences are openly invited to join in, critique, and generally mess about.

Where: Soundfjord Gallery
When: 2nd – 4th December

please see opening times and directions from Soundfjord website

The Work

Two separate installations – provisionally titled ‘Singing Windows’, and ‘Ghost Quartet’ – will explore sound in relation to objects, the gallery space, or indeed people themselves. Portable transducers will act as amplifiers thereby allowing observers and participants to expand their understanding of the properties of sound through a given object, and to explore their own association of place and sound.

The Artists

Shirley Pegna ( – a research student from Oxford Brookes University – has been looking at sound waves travelling through different materials ranging from very long distance travelling sound waves and signals local and domestic sites.

Wajid Yaseen – a research student from Middlesex University – focuses on relationships between the body and sound. His research manifests in a diverse range of practices from sound sculptures, installations, electroacoustic composition, tangible interfacing, and live performances. He is the co-founder of the destructivist event Scrap Club and co-director of the sound art collective, Modus Arts.

Pegna and Yaseen are collaborating to pool their experience of working in outside and diverse places and settings. For this event, they will use their shared experiences of working in diverse places and settings to investigate how sound travels through different materials, and to explore the compositional choices that can be drawn from sonified objects. The facilities and space at Soundfjord will allow initial explorations within an interior gallery setting, with the longer term goal of developing work that can be presented inside and outside of a gallery context – assuming the research lends itself to this idea. Pegna and Yaseen will subsequently develop their process together by making work for the Audiograft Festival at Oxford Brookes University in February 2012, and future projects yet to unfold.

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