SARU practitioner Felicity Ford & Valeria Merlini’s edits of Tuned City festival due to air on on Framework Radio Show

In June 2011, Felicity Ford travelled to Tallinn to co-run a documentation workshop with Valeria Merlini as part of the Tuned City events programme.

Tuned City was a festival in Tallinn, Estonia, in July 2011. The Framework Radio Documentation and Production workshop led by Ford and Merlini explored the issues surrounding creative documentation, and extended many of the ideas and theories being discussed in the 3 days of conferences into creative, phonographic practices. The workshop opened with a discussion on phonography as a form of sonic storytelling, and on creative uses of digital recording devices.

Subsequent days were spent around Tallinn, recording and documenting the events, performances, installations – and quite often the spaces themselves involved in Tuned City. Every night, the workshop attendees – Kadi Pilt, Daniel Allen, Kaisa Sammelselg and Lewis McGuffie along with Felicity Ford and Valeria Merlini – would retire to Ptarmigan (the venue hosting the workshop) and edit together an assortment of the day’s events, to play during the subsequent day as a kind of echo or reprise of the ideas of the previous day.

As well as these sonic ‘recaps,’ the Framework Radio Documentation and Production workshop was always intended to result in the production of a feature-length episode for the framework:afield series of radio shows curated by Patrick McGinley as part of the framework radio show produced for ResonanceFM.

Merlini and Ford have condensed the mass of ideas and sounds experienced at Tuned City Tallinn into a radio show, and this can be heard on Resonance FM 2011, Sunday, Dec 18th, at 11pm GMT, or any of the other radio networks listed here during the subsequent week.

If you are interested in hearing the ‘shorts’ recorded and edited during the festival, you may do so here.

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