New Sound Diaries Project launched today, featuring sounds from The Wool Trade in Britain and Estonia

A new Sound Diaries project themed around sounds from the Wool Trade launched today on the Sound Diaries website.

Throughout May, SARU practitioner Felicity Ford will share recordings from both the UK Wool Trade and the Estonian Wool Trade, reflecting the theme of exchange running through her current residency. Listening to Wool – HÛRD – A May Sound Diaries project represents Felicity’s ongoing engagement with the context of wool through the medium of sound, and it is hoped that the texts and sounds presented throughout May on the Sound Diaries website will develop into a kind of narrative, linking places, processes, animals, traditions and clothes together.

The inaugural recording features some hardy little Black Hebrideans from Cumbria banging their horns against a feeding trough and munching on their hay on a wet, cold, January morning and you can hear it here.

This residency is supported by MoKS and The British Council, Estonia.

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