Felicity Gee – Rejected Narration



We’re pleased to invite you to our last Sound I’m Particular event of 2018

Felicity Gee – Rejected Narration: Stretching the Limits of the ‘City Film’ in Guy Maddin’s docufantasia My Winnipeg (2007)

Friday 7th December, 2018


PWYD (Pay What You Decide)


Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin is a master of collage, and has made a treasure trove of films that testify to his profound knowledge and love of cinema, and of re-purposing found footage. Originally commissioned by the Documentary Channel, My Winnipeg tells the story of Maddin’s home city from the point of view of a narrator who is desperate to leave the snow and nostalgia of its clutches. This talk explores the ways in which myth, folklore and urban legend contribute to a portrait of the city that is both true and false. It follows the red herrings, the reconstructions and pathways through Winnipeg as narrated by Darcy Fehr who plays Maddin on screen. It considers the gaps and fissures in the dialogue, and the ways in which voice-over narration enters the realm of fantasy while adhering to documentary conventions. What, we might ask, of the ‘rejected narration’? All will be revealed. Finally the talk will discuss the collage of sound and image in provoking emotional and phenomenological reactions to spaces, both real and imagined.


‘What if I had already left decades ago?

What if? What if?


Always winter.

Always winter.

Always sleeping.

Winnipeg. Winnipeg. Winnipeg.’ Guy Maddin. My Winnipeg – Film Script. Canada Council for the Arts, 2009.


Felicity Gee is lecturer in Modernism and World Cinema at the University of Exeter. She is the author of the forthcoming monograph Magic Realism: The Avant-Garde in Exile (Routledge, 2019), and has published on Surrealism and avant-garde film, Japanese film, and affect theory. Most recently, she was awarded a British Academy grant to conduct archival research in Cuba, on the interdisciplinary work of Alejo Carpentier. Felicity’s research straddles film, art history and literary studies, and her current projects investigate the collaborative work of modernist writers and artists that takes place across and between media.

Sound I’m Particular is a Pay What You Decide talk series that aims to provide a forum to discuss and interrogate listening as both subject and object, exploring the various guises of contemporary listening practices with talks and demonstrations by artists and academics from all over the country; ranging from topics such as augury and Nan Shepherd, to Gertrude Stein and Virginia Woolf, to field recording and Twin Peaks.


All are welcome and no previous knowledge of the subjects is necessary

Curated by Patrick Farmer and Harriet Butler