Ultras Mash Up front

The closing event for Get Some Chalk On Your Boots! will take place on Friday 13th July in and around the Glass Tank Gallery. The event features a performance by sound artist Davide Tidoni of his ULTRAS MASH UP and Shirley Pegna and Paul Whitty’s ‘Footfall’ during which a game of football will take place in the quad amplified by geophones so that the seismic activity of the players becomes audible.


12.30 Davide Tidoni ULTRAS MASH UP in the quad.

13.00 Shirley Pegna and Paul Whitty Footfall with footballers from Crowmarsh Youth FC, Summertown Stars and Wallingford Town.

14.20 Davide Tidoni and Paul Whitty in conversation in the Lab.

15.00 Final Whistle