Editions of You feat. SARU practitioner Felicity Ford, in collaboration with performance artist Stavroula Kounadea

Felicity Ford and Stavroula Kounadea are teaming up to create a new venture entitled Mixtape Consultancy for Editions of You.

Here is the official blurb for Editions of You, which is curated by the Pop Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University.

Exploring the DIY artistry of self-releasing musicians

Editions of You celebrates and showcases self-publishing and self-releasing musicians and the handmade editions and releases they create. Taking the form of an exhibition, zine fair, live music events, talks and happenings, Editions of You at the O3 Gallery and Oxford Castle seeks to unearth the underground culture of DIY artistry that combines music with artwork.

One-of-a-kind exhibition at the achingly chic O3 Gallery

Sat 26 March – Sun 24 April

12-5pm Tue-Fri (closed Mon), 11-4pm Sat-Sun

Incredible, limited edition artwork and creations will be displayed alongside a newly comissioned piece from fine artist Lustrous Chemistry created as a ‘fan’s response’ to the theme.

Launch Party & Private View // O3 Gallery

Fri 25 March 6-8pm

This uber-exclusive event sees local DJ collective ‘Shit! I can DJ’ and an eccentric and eclectic DJ set from Dolly Dolly.

Live ‘Thursdays’ // O3 Gallery

31 March, 7 April, 14 April, 21 April, 6-8pm

Forming part of the O3 Gallery’s performance programme ‘Alternative Thursdays’, these evening events will showcase performances from self releasing artists, bands and DJs, and create a forum for discussions with the leading UK thinkers on the subject.

‘Zine’ Fair // Oxford Castle

9 April, 11am-6pm

Buy extraordinary special edition releases and music zines you won’t find in the shops, learn how to create your own zine, and employ the help of Mixtape Consultancy at this all day event in Castle Street Square.

There will be many amazing DIY artist-releases to see during Editions of You, and Mixtape Consultancy will be available to help with all your mixtape projects during the Zine Fair on 9th April.

Felicity Ford has written about the process of developing the project a little bit on her blog here, and you can hear her and Stavroula Kounadea in interview with Ellis Jones on the OCM website here. Mixtape Consultancy builds on Ford’s work with tape as a specific and social sonic context, and on Kounadea’s performance work with identity and participatory art forms.

Ever made a mixtape and found you didn’t have *just* the right sticker to embellish it?
Have you made the perfect side A, but lost your mojo halfway through side B?
Do you suffer from format angst and worry that your imix or mixCD will fail to please in the way that your old mixtapes did?
Or are you a seasoned practitioner of the craft of the mixtape, simply looking for fresh perspectives and enthusiastic comrades?

Maybe you just love potato prints, glittery nailvarnish, and the joy of giving and receiving well-mixed, well-packaged and personal compilations?

We are confident that – whatever your relationship with mixtapes – Mixtape Consultancy can give you something! As well as specialising in troubleshooting difficult mixtape projects, we are also experts at optimising performance, so that once you have worked with us, you will be able to give and receive mixtapes with complete confidence!

As well as indulging in these fun activities, at Mixtape Consultancy events you can also take advantage of the friendly services of our principal consultants, Stavroula Kounadea and Felicity Ford. They will happily share with you their extensive knowledge and expertise on the craft of mixtape creation. Presenting a range of thrifty decorative techniques and custom-made stationery to assist you with the packaging of your perfect mixtape, they will guide you through the emotional process of styling the mood and atmosphere of your creation. Once you have established the tone of your mixtape visually using our unique, customising facilities, you will be able to proceed with organising media onto your chosen format with ease and self-assurance. Mixtape Consultancy offers clients the opportunity to reconsider and celebrate the mixtape in an encouraging environment, so that you have the widest possible range of tools available to make your mixtapes speak in your own, beautiful, personal terms.

Because that’s what mixtapes are about.

Mixtape Consultancy – with us, it’s personal!

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