audiograft 2014

Audiograft returns with towering walls of echoing sound, tolling Oxford bells, stunning live electronics and hypnotic mechanical LEGO. Delicate glass meets orbiting turntables and spinning vintage records create an illusion of a virtual vinyl LP spinning in acoustic space.

Over two weeks, new experimental music, sound art events and exhibitions will pop up in some of Oxford’s most interesting venues and spaces. Throughout the programme you can experience Europe’s oldest concert hall, an incredible semi-industrial warehouse, and freely traced electromagnetic fields perceived on an Electrical Walk in your urban environment.

Featured artists 2014: Christina Kubisch // Gordon Monahan // Zimoun // Guy Sherwin & Lynn Loo // Rie Nakajima // Sonic Catering Band // Marianthi Papalexandri // Patrick McGinley & Felicity Ford // Liminal (David Prior & Frances Crow) // JD Zazie // Sybella Perry // Jos Zwaanenburg // Jerome Noetinger & Lionel Marchetti // Ben Gwilliam // Alex Allmont // Dawn Scarfe + more

Alongside the concerts and installations of the Audiograft programme, a series of AudioHEARth events will additionally take place, devised specifically to nurture the social side of the festival.

Audiograft is curated by the Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU) at Oxford Brookes University and co-promoted by OCM.

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