Audiograft 2011 Festival Launch podcast

A 41 minute long podcast featuring excerpts of works plus interviews with practitioners and visitors to Audiograft 2011 is now available for download on Soundcloud.

Here is the tracklist:

1. Vox pops “What is Audiograft?”

Stephen Cornford, Mike Blow, Ray Lee, Paul Dibley, Shirley Pegna and Paul Whitty talk about what “Audiograft” means to them

2. Introduction to this episode of the Audiograft podcast series, by Felicity Ford

The sounds in the background here were recorded in the foyer of the Richard Hamilton Building during the festival launch, including the sound of an EBow resonating the strings of a piano; Mike Blow’s Theremuino; and benches being dragged around the building in the realisation of an instruction score

3. Montage of feedback from visitors to the Audiograft Festival Launch

4. Solo for Violin, Viola or Contrabass by George Brecht, 1962, performed at Audiograft Festival Launch by Patrick Farmer and Sarah Hughes using a Violin and a Contrabass (score can be found in the Fluxus Performance Workbook)

5. A very brief background on Fluxus by Felicity Ford

6. Fluxus/Minimalist scores realised at Audiograft plus interviews;

Stephen Cornford talking about his performance on the piano in the Richard Hamlilton Building plus excerpts of that performance

Paul Whitty and Patrick Farmer discussing the musicality of wooden benches and a recording of a performance with benches illustrating this

Audience feedback on the combination of pianos and benches

Long notes sustained inside a piano through the use of an EBow, discussed by Paul Whitty

7. Mike Blow’s Theremuino; open source materials to build your own Theremuino here

8. Felicity Ford’s Tea Museum and Sonic Tuck Shop Museum. Feat. excerpts of the work and feedback from Stavroula Kounadea on the use of two voices (Felicity Ford + Mark Stanley) in the audioguides

9. Efthymios Chatzigiannis’s Observing Density through Standing Waves installation; interview and excerpts

10. Ray Lee’s Murmur – 625 seconds long – excerpts and field recordings of entering and exploring the work

11. Mike Blow’s Ceremony and Shower pieces; discussion of works, excerpts, and audience feedback

12. Shirley Pegna’s Ground Sounds; excerpts, audience feedback, and a brief discussion on geophones

13. Outro by Felicity Ford feat. reprised sounds from throughout the podcast and a preview of forthcoming Audiograft 2011 podcasts. Previews feature excerpts of Richard Pinnell and BA Music students discussing their impressions of the Concept as Score concert. There are also excerpts from the Diffusion concert; the concert at Modern Art Oxford; Catherine Laws’s introductory session on composing for Piano; and Max Eastley’s presentation on Aeolian devices. All to be enjoyed in future Audiograft 2011 podcast productions by Felicity Ford

14. Feedback from visitors to Audiograft 2011

Thank you for listening, and please pass on the download link:

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