Arts – Life Sciences collaboration at MK Gallery featuring Paul Whitty from the Sonic Art Research Unit

The Movement Science Group at Oxford Brookes University, led by Professor Helen Dawes have been collaborating with choreograper Helen Parlor and Composer Paul Whitty. The MSG use novel digital sensor systems to monitor patient progress focussing particularly on gait. The group have built complex algorithms to translate the immense numeric data that the sensors generate into something more than just physical information, providing answers on how a neurological disease like Parkinson’s or Strokes should and can be treated. For the last year they have been working with Science Artist Dr Ryan Pink and International dance choreographer Helen Parlor to hold workshops for patients, academics, artists and children to explore the dialogue of movement in and outside the medical arena. As one of the outcomes of this exchange, the team has created a dance piece to exemplify the fascination of movement science, its benefits and the issues patients with neurological disorders have to face every day. The music for the piece was created by composer Dr Paul Whitty and has been scored using digital data that is hard wired directly in from the patient readings using the GAIT sensor; a medical movement-tracking tool. The event at MK Gallery will combine talks by Helen Parlor, Dr Ryan Pink, Dr. Paul Whitty and Prof. Helen Dawes on the project, followed by a presentation of the Dance piece and a Q&A session.

You can find out more about the event here.

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